1968 Exhibit VectorWorks

An article about rendering the 1968 exhibit located in the Planet VectorWorks news blog.

Maple Designs Presidential Library

An article about William Maple and his work on the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum. The California State Fullerton University news story includes information about the new CVN 77 George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier’s Tribute Room exhibit. Written by Rechelle DeSimone for Titan Magazine.

The LA County Dinosaur Hall is Open!

The all-new, 14,000-square-foot Dinosaur Hall is twice the size of the LA County Natural History Museum’s old dinosaur galleries. It rivals the world’s leading dinosaur halls for the number of individual fossils displayed, the size and spectacular character of the major mounts, including the world’s only Tyrannosaurus rex growth series!

Pat Nixon 100th Anniversary Exhibit

Photo: The Orange County Register
"I thought I'd seen all the photographs, but I'm seeing new things,"
Julie Nixon Eisenhower said. Nixon Eisenhower and her sister, Patricia Nixon Cox, came from the East Coast to be among the first members of the public on Friday to see the Library's new Pat Nixon Centennial Exhibit.